Ankur'S Bio

Ankur is a Sydney, Australia based hip-hop artist with pop/rock influences. Not one to shy away from wearing his heart on his sleeve, Ankur has a natural talent for creating emotionally authentic songs that resonate deep with his listeners. Blending thoughtful lyrics, catchy melodies, and rock-infused vocal lines, Ankur paints beautifully dark emotional soundscapes that capture both the power and vulnerability that can be found in all of us.

Ankur’s strength as musician lies in the depth of his lyrics, which he bases on a foundation of ideas inspired by self-improvement, introspection, and the desire to empower his listeners to move forward from the place they are standing still. For Ankur, music is a conscious journey through a dark place with a guiding light at the end of the tunnel; a hopeful place filled with warmth.

 Ankur’s interest for writing lyrics sparked at a young age, but he only rekindled his connection with the process later in his life after feeling like something was missing within the daily grind of trying to succeed in today’s progressive-minded world. By writing lyrics, he found a way to process his struggles, and started the journey of crafting his own sound. In 2015, Ankur released his first EP Inner Reflections. The highlights of the album include the bouncy hip hop banger ‘I’m Here,’ the heavily lyrical-minded ‘Free,’ and the spacey ‘Mind Made’. Ankur expanded his signature sound with a fresh influence of elements from both rock and pop music in his following EP. Some of the highlights were the guitar infused “Last in line” and “Down this road”.

His most recent EP was in May 2019 called “Intermission” where Ankur expanded his sound with electronic instrumentation and collaborations with talented Sydney singers such as Carmelo Munzone (2012 X Factor finalist).  Their collaboration “Old Friend” was a song that quickly gained popularity on Facebook with over 50,000 views on facebook in less than 2 weeks. After consistently putting out songs over the last few years Ankur is aiming to release his full-length album in late 2019.

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